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Vladimir Kopric and COPRIX media wins STARTUP Live

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

StartupLive Belgrade 2012 is a part of the international STARTEurope competition.

STARTeurope is an extensive network of startups, entrepreneurs, and investors through organizing events around entrepreneurship in Europe, gathering only Top entrepreneurs from Europe.

StartupLive is an internationally recognized award for entrepreneurs who truly achieved excellence in their field.

StartupLive competitions are held in over 14 cities across Europe (Hamburg, Vienna, Athens, Porto, Prague, etc.) and have been gathering a large number of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from various fields of industry for four years.

So far, many startup projects have been successfully implemented due to participating in these events.Vladimir Kopric with Project InterAktivni Bukvar (InterActive Spelling Book) has won First place which has brought us not just one, but three awards from the panel of international judges:

Marius Starcke successful entrepreneur, Co-founder & project manager at STARTeurope and one of the Head Coach, Speaker, and Jury Management at the Pioneers Festival.

Mark Tuttle successful Entrepreneurial coach and adviser for Startups;

Dusan Kovacevic, Production Manager at MRM Worldwide.

The first-place award is the Entrance to the Final Competition Event called Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria.

We are extremely proud and happy to see that the international panel of judges has recognized the value of the InterAktivni Bukvar project, and has awarded us the Top 3 Awards in the StartupLive Belgrade Finals.

This is the first time for one company to win 3 awards.

Winning this award has a huge impact on a new company.

We got accepted at two Innovation Fond programs for early-stage start-ups and received funds (180.000 USD) to scale the production of COPRIX Media products.

COPRIX Media also signed a Technical Sponsorship agreement with Prestigio, an international company that creates consumer electronics.

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