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The Game of Education, Empowering the King

You know why schools are boring?

It’s literally been decades after the last game-changer, the computer. Since then, it looks like education continuously keeps failing to keep up with technological changes around it. It’s an ugly truth. The second truth is that most kids in traditional schools never live up to their true potential. And why is that?

Because school is a system. It’s a scheme children must adapt to. Why wouldn’t it be the other way around?

Imagine your kid saying his day at school was fun, that he loved it, that it didn’t really feel like a duty. Imagine a school where every teacher can provide personalized education, based on childrens’ affinities, personalities and talents. Imagine a world built by people educated to be the best they can be.

That’s what we imagined, and that’s what we aspire to create.

Hi, we are COPRIX Media, a start-up founded by two fathers on a quest to make a change in the educational system until our kids reach the first grade. And are we enthusiastic about it? You bet we are.

To make it work, we formed an extraordinary team of people around us, that share our type of impulses flowing trough their veins. We love kids, we love science and we are tech savvy! Synergic brainstorms we held, led us to use the worlds Biggest trend to fulfill our vision. And that is Smartization.

That idea gave birth to our game based teaching aids : “Interactive ABC Book” and “Interactive Mathematics”. These two new members of our team won us multiple investments, innovation awards, and international startup competitions. And yes, good things come to those who wait. We won a place at Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco on 22nd of September! There, we will be presenting you our teammates Spellsy and Mathsy, taking the first steps on a journey we are more than ready for.

People often compare life to a game of chess. And yes, you strategize, you predict your opponents’ moves, you play yours. But one question always seems to slip by. If life really was a game of chess, who would be the king? It’s the kids. And they are our purpose.

COPRIX is ready to make a change, will you be a part of it?

Covering TCDisrupt San Francisco? Be sure to pay us a visit. We’ll be welcoming you in the Education Section on Tuesday, 22nd of September.


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