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InterActive Spelling Book was presented at the Pioneers Festival

The Project “InterActive Spelling Book” was presented on October, 30 2012 on a major international event, “Pioneers Festival”, held in Vienna, intended for young entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators. In front of a few hundred participants from different countries, Vladimir Koprić, founder and team leader of the project InterActive Spelling Book from Belgrade (Serbia) for 90 seconds, as the organizers predicted for individual presentations, presented the essence of the quality and benefits of Interactive Spelling Book.

Koprić expressed the belief that the InterActive Spelling Book, which he launched with a colleague Marko Marinkovic, is currently the most effective learning tool for preschool children and for pupils in the first grade of elementary school.

- Children love to play and we found a way to pass them curriculum and to enable them to get the knowledge through interactive video games on devices with touch sensitive screen. Our team of highly specialized and experienced professionals in education has developed a unique style and innovative educational method which uses devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

- We expect that the next school year, children in Serbia, as well as children in the diaspora and the ex-Yugoslav countries, will have a lot of fun in school learning their mother language with our applications, and perhaps geography and mathematics, too – Koprić said.

He pointed out that the closed beta tests, compared to the old method have shown an increase of: 50% in active interest time with children with above mentioned age, over 70% better retention rates, and a teacher off-load of almost 80%.

Our first application InterActive Spelling Book is using tablets, that have the same format as the classic paper notebook, 4:3 screen ratio, 7 inch size, vertical orientation, children are using a pen for on screen writing, which helps them develop grapho-motoric skill.

The only thing different is that, they learn faster, more technically correct and they do it through fun and play. No, pressure! No stress!

No tearing up paper with rubber erasers! We save a lot of trees! – pointed Koprić

InterActive Spelling Book, has already been approved by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia for official pilot testing in public schools and preschool institutions!

He noted that the quality of “InterActive Spelling Book” is also recognized by Prestigio, the biggest tablet vendor in Balkans and Russian market, and it has donated 10 tablets for the development and testing of this project.

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