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InterActive Mathematics has been successfully presented to EU journalists

On friday 28. February 2014 organized by Innovation Fund Serbia in a newly opened Science & Technology park Star, was held a press conference for 15 renowned European media houses, who have followed the event on behalf of European Union and European comity.

COPRIX media was one of 4 top companies chosen by the Innovation fund Serbia to present project “InterActive Mathematics” and the results that company has achieved, to journalists from Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Czech, Denmark and Luxembourg. Project “InterActive Mathematics” is financed by the Innovation Fund, within Innovation Serbia Project founded by EU IPA I 2011 and administered by the World Bank. InterActive Mathematics is a unique system for learning mathematics which combines gamelike application for touch sensitive device, to help explain abstract mathematical concepts and make them interesting to kids. Application is cross platform compliant.

Press conference was organized to showcase most successful start ups from Serbia, that have successfully created innovative products with the help of funding received from Innovation Fund Serbia.

This was a rare occasion that journalists from eminent media houses gather on one place to report about Startup companies from Serbia.

We are proud to be a part of this presentation together with our startup colleagues and have a chance to present the success of Serbia startups.

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