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First test phase for Interactive Spelling Book is finished

We wish to thank Prestigio for providing hardware for testing. Not only did we get the chance to test the Beta version of the application, but we also had a chance to see how preschool children are responding to tablets. After the analysis of collected data there are obvious differences in the usage of older devices with hardware buttons, and newer models that do not have hardware buttons. There are also significant advantages for devices that have 4:3 screen ratio.

After this first pilot test conclusions are that children are better accepting newer models that have no hardware buttons and devices with 4:3 screen ratio, since it supports natural form of notebook for writing when used in vertical orientation. Android 4.0 OS that came preloaded on Prestigio devices and its option to disable system shortcuts has proven instrumental in creating interruption free environment for children.

The biggest surprise was that the great number of children that had the previous experience with touch-sensitive interfaces and tablet-like devices, have accepted test tablets as something natural and easy to use.

In the second phase of testing, the project Interactive Spelling Book is focusing on testing mathematical models for grading the quality of handwriting and mathematical models for real-time monitoring and statistics development of child progress through the learning procedure.

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