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COPRIX team at celebration in Elementary School “Simeon Aranicki”

On Wednesday, 27 January 2016, the COPRIX team visited Elementary School “Simeon Aranicki” celebrating St. Sava.

This is one of the most innovative schools in Serbia, with classrooms equipped with computers, audio-visual equipment, and lab. We are especially proud of the classroom with the smart board and 25 tablets that are running our COPRIX application – Interactive ABC book.

The mix of tradition and modernity are a characteristic of this new, but very successful school, and we have seen that through the entertaining, witty and smart school recital. The hilarious show of “Prince Marko” and his search for St. Sava through the time GPRS, Harry Potters and the kids that only knows for I-Pads and smartphones, would surprise even the serious theater critics.

We congratulate the St. Sava to school and it’s Director Sladjana Bursać. She has created such a successful collective, but most important happy students! The COPRIX team will support the further education of students and their successes in national and international competitions.

Image source Elementary School Simeon Aranicki

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