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Coprix Media Successfully Organized StartUp Live Belgrade 2013

StartUp Live Belgrade 2013, a start-up event organized by Coprix Media, was successfully held from May 10 to 12, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia.

StartUp Live is a three-day start-up event that provides networking and resources for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch in just one weekend.

Event gathers people with ideas and active start-ups, but also people who would like to join a start-up – developers, designers, people from marketing, sales, etc.

On the first day of event, attendees received practical guidelines on how to present their ideas. They formed teams that worked with mentors for the next two days. Mentors were selected among successful investors, entrepreneurs and coaches. Through variety of workshops they learned about Lean methodology, where and how to register their company and how to pitch clients and investors. Inspiring start-ups, like Strawberry Energy, with real-life success on domestic and international market, shared their rich experience.

On the last day of event teams presented their ideas in front of the panel of judges that gave participants invaluable feedback for further development.

Many great prizes have been awarded to the most successful teams. Those include, 2 x ticket for PIONEERS Festival 2013 in Vienna (Top Entreprenurial Event in EU), three Prestigio MultiPad tablets, ticket for Belgrade Venture Forum (Serbian Venture Network), ticket for SBAN fund raising event, and many others.

Organizing of StartUp Live Belgrade is very important for Coprix Media, as we feel like we need to contribute back to the community we originated from. This way we want also to show by example and give others a chance to create a start-up of their own.

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