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COPRIX Media on Tenth European Researcher’s Night

On Friday, 25th of September, Coprix Media had the pleasure of being a part of the jubilee – Tenth European Researcher’s Night, in Belgrade. This event, that takes place every fourth Friday in September, was created with a vision to close the gap between the scientific community and the general public, bringing the science closer to every open mind – old or young.

Under the patronage of European Comission, Science Festival and Institute of Molecular Genetics, young scientists revealed a part of their magic to people from more than 10 cities in Serbia. COPRIX Media had an InterActive stand, named Classroom of the Future, that gave kids an opportunity to learn the Alphabet and basic Mathematics with Fairy Mila, fearlessly put on a white coat to perform miraculous exploding experiments in augmented reality, as well as to find something out about the precious relationship with World Around Us. Kids were overjoyed and extremely curious, which brought Researcher’s Night and its participants a step closer to their final goal – to create a new generation of scientists.

You can find the Event Pictures in our Gallery.

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