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Interactive Mathematics presented to World Bank

COPRIX Media presented Interactive Mathematics to the World Bank representatives

Ms. Laura Tuck, the vice president of the World Bank for Europe and Central Asia, visited the Innovation Fund, for this occasion it has been organized presentation of the most successful projects financed by the Innovation Fund. COPRIX Media was one of the five companies (next to Ekofungi, KreativTeh, mBrainTrain and Strawberry Energy), who has had the honor to demonstrated the results of their project Interactive Mathematics to the  World Bank representatives.

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IF EU Press

InterActive Mathematics has been successfully presented to EU journalists

COPRIX media was one of 4 top companies chosen by the Innovation fund Serbia to present project “InterActive Mathematics” and the results that company has achieved, to journalists from Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Czech, Denmark and Luxembourg.

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IAM Job Done

The project Interactive Mathematics is successfully completed!

After intensive work on improvements, educational application Interactive Mathematics is finished! The schools have expressed a great interest in this application, and they are looking forward for further testing in their schools, and to start using the application.

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q2 coprix media interactive mathematics

We Successfully Finished the Second Quarter (Q2) for Development of InterActive Mathematics

After phase one successfully finished, the Second Quarter (Q2) for developing InterActive Mathematics is also finished successfully.

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q1 interactive mathematics coprix media

We Successfully Finished the First Quarter (Q1) for Development of InterActive Mathematics

We are happy to inform you that we have successfully finished the First Quarter (Q1) of development of InterActive Mathematics.

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Global Leaders Summit

Interactive Spelling Book at Global Leaders Summit 2013

Vladimir Koprić and Goran Dimitrov spoke at Global Leaders Summit 2013 Serbia. They have started the project with the idea of improving education of the youngest with the latest technology, using prevalidated methods and principles.

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Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund supported the Interactive Mathematics project

Innovation Fund supported the project of innovators Vladimir Koprić and Marko Marinković from Belgrade, who are engaged with improvement of preschool education. This is a project that is focused on development of interactive application on multiple platforms, which will be fully adapted to the needs of children aged 3 to 7 years.

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