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Istructions for installing InteActive Spelling Book Application

Quick Start Guide


If you already downloaded File please follow next instructions for installation.

( conatains all files needed for PC Sever – Android Client app usage)

For download app, please go to our Download page.

Save downlaoded file to a separate folder on your PC.

Unpack files in same folder.

After unpacking , you will have next set of files and folders:


Steps to start Server:

Activate (if already is not activated) your PC connection to Internet
Run Bukvar PC Server.exe on PC.
When Window Firewall ask for permission for connection, Allow access to your network.

Allow connection1 Installation Instructions

Start Bukvar PC Server.exe file.
Activate server app for PC. Fill in required data: First Name, Last Name, email address and Activation code received with app.
Click on right button to CONTINUE
After Server activation, server is fully operational and can work independently. (No need for client app)

Steps to start Client:

Connect your Android tablet to PC via USB cable, allow USB data transfer, and copy Bukvar Andrid client.apk file to tablet.
Disconnect tablet from PC.
Use File Manager app on your tablet to find Bukvar Andrid client.apk file. Click on file to install it.
Follow instructions during installation.

Start your tablet, go to settings, Wi-Fi, and set to ON. (Tablet must be connected to Wi-Fi to establish connection wit server)
Tap on connected network, and read IP Address.

Start app, and fill in required data, similar as in server procedure.

Do not use for Client same e-mail address and/or same activation code already used for server activation!

Steps to connect Client and Server:

Start server, and in menu on the left side click on fifth button from top (STUDENT LIST)
In opened dialog, click on blue button in right down corner (ADD STUDENT)
In popup fill in required data – First Name, Last Name, IP address from tablet and students ID number (must be unique).
Click on right bottom button to save data.
After saving, you can find added student in list, with red bar if is not connected to server. When client is connected, bar changes to green, and is ready for start.


Client and server must be connected to same WiFi network.
License is valid during period of time stated in document with Activation Code. After this period of time, app deactivates automatically. Contact COPRIX media for activation renewal.

Do not try to fill in new activation code for application once activated!

Quick Start Guide video: