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Чланак са насловом: “Дигитални буквар за нове клинце” објавио је наш најпознатији и најпопуларнији ИТ часопис, PC PRESS у свом издању од марта 2014. године, о COPRIX media образовним апликацијама.

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Top 10

Interactive Spelling Book – among the top ten business ideas

On the website “Gde investirati”, in article about the 10 best business ideas of the Balkans in 2012, the project Interactive Spelling book came in second place.

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Politika – Learn to read with Interactive Spelling book

Politika – Learn to read with Interactive Spelling book

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RTS – it’s time to export the idea

As online RTS evaluated, Interactive Spelling Book can have very important place in teaching in supplementary schools in the Serbian diaspora, among a numerous children who come from the former Yugoslav countries.

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Serbian Spelling book on German language

Our best best-selling independent diaspora’s newspaper “Vesti” points out that the  InterActive Spelling book will be adjusted for German language, too.

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The great interest in InterActive Spellling Book

News with the title “The great interest in InterActive Spelling book”, published by TANJUG agency and posted on November 1, 2012 on B92 website. The news highlighted: “The creators and authors of InterActive Spelling book Vladimir Koprić and Marko Marinković from Belgrade, Serbia represented[...]

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The Podgorica’s newspaper “Day” – Interactive Spelling Book in Vienna

The daily newspaper “Dan” from Montenegro, writes about participation of Interactive Spelling Book on “Pioneers Festival” in Vienna.

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Interactive Spelling book represents Serbia in Vienna

Interactive Spelling book after its triumph in Belgrade, represents Serbia in Vienna

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IT Portal Tehnoguru about “Interactive Spelling book” – quantum leap in education

“Interactive Spelling book” quantum leap in Education – writes IT Portal Tehnoguru

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“Interactive Spelling book” on the European map – posted by “Dnevnik”

Daily newspaper “Dnevnik”, based in Novi Sad, published on October 28, 2012 on its website information about the participation of  “Interactive Spelling book” team on ” Pioneers Festival”, with the title “Interactive Spelling book on the European map“. Pioneers Festival is a prestig[...]

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