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Every company is promoting their employee benefits, here is what our employees can enjoy on a daily basis.


Health Benefits

We pay 100% of benefit coverage for all employees it is extremely important for us that our employees feel safe and secure.



We understand that all of us some times need a few days off, either to bring some cookies to the grandma or to go exploring other interesting places. This is why we do not have a strict holiday policy and you can claim your free days any time. Just watch out for the big bad wolf on the way to the grandmas house.


Free Drinks and Snacks

We play hard and work even harder, which takes a lot of energy, that is why we are doing weekly shopping sprees to a nearby seven-eleven store. Just don’t forget to bring the company credit card and you wont have to worry about the security gards and cameras. Not only that we bring lot of drinks and snacks, we regularly stock lots of fruit for the healthy ones. icon biggrin Benefits


Casual workplace

At Coprix we value creativity and performance. There is no official dress code, no uniforms, you can come in a shorts and flip flops during the summer, we know we will. Our wonderful office is located in the heart of  Belgrade and is extremely easy to reach. We do not have casual fridays and bring your toys to work mondays, for us it is an everyday experience. Our team is situated in one large room, no cubicles, which allows us fast interactions and easy decision making. Relaxation lounge with Nintedo Wii gaming system is located in a separate room, close to our buffet. icon biggrin Benefits



- Relaxation lounge with Nintendo Wii gaming system that will help you work out a little and break your day.
- Not to mentions the lazy bags, yoga balls and basket hoop. Unfortunately we still don’t have swinging ropes and climbing walls.
- Since we are located at the heart of the city center everything is near and you can always go for a walk around the block to catch some fresh air and rejuvenate your creativity.


Team Buildings and Time to Celebrate

Others work in teams, they will bring you to team building events and team sports weekends. They will appeal to your team spirit.
We do not operate that way.

We operate as a “La Familia” and we take care of our own. You get invited to all of the family events, birthdays, barbecues, cocktails and daughters weddings. Our events consist of tactical pizzeria gatherings, wine bar brain stormings and long walks in the woods with our competitors.
As one of us said some time ago, as soon as I think I’m out they pull me right back in, back into the swimming pool. icon biggrin Benefits



Our sports events consist of: barbecue flipping, swimming pool dipping and world domination tripping.

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