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COPRIX Media signed Memorandum of Understanding with JP Zavod za udžbenike

See you at school!

We are proud to announce, that COPRIX media signed Memorandum of understanding with JP Zavod za užbenike.

This Memorandum establishes and defines the framework of future business cooperation between COPRIX Media and JP Zavod za udžbenike, on developing digital educational content, the distribution of COPRIX Media products, as well to the implementation of COPRIX Media products in schools on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Goal of this cooperation is to set new boundaries in the field of education of the youngest, through the synergy of fun and formal education, with a tendency to reach international standards.

For our company is a great honor and of great importance that the largest publishing houses in the Republic of Serbia recognizes our quality and innovation.

COPRIX Media gamify science.  What looks like a simple game, at the back-end is actually data-driven, scientifically based, expert-developed, tested and approved certified learning system.

COPRIX Media is creator of, “InterActive Spelling Book” an award-winning language learning system, developed with a full cooperation of Faculty for Serbian Language and Teachers’ Faculty. It combines game-like application and touch-sensitive devices to make alphabet letters familiar and memorable to children.

Furthermore, COPRIX Media finished “InterActive mathematics” , supported by Innovation Fund, part of Innovation Serbia Project, financed by European Union preaccession funds – IPA and administered in cooperation with the World Bank.

InterActive Mathematics is an ultimate mathematics learning system that combines game-like application with real-world physics simulation and touch-sensitive devices to make the abstract mathematical concepts comprehensive and interesting to children.

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