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WebSummit Dublin 2013


We’ve noticed that you’ll be visiting WebSummit in Dublin.

It would be an honor if You could visit our Alpha StartUps stand for a chat, and allow us to show you our innovation in educational sector.

We are making interactive educational apps that help each child develop to its maximal potential, trough fun and play.

Our story might be interesting for you, because we are a small start-up from Serbia that has won several international startup awards and disrupted centuries old educational system.

Not only that we had to be very innovative in tech, we also had to be very innovative in finance and a lot of other activities since we are coming from Serbia.

If you’re interested in underdog’s success story and how we made it into Alpha StartUps on Web Summit, we will have our booth setup on Day 1 of Web Summit ( 30.10.2013.), where we will be showing the full power of our interactive spelling book, and we will bring our national sweets to make the first impression sweeter.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin.

Please feel free to browse around our website for more information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to write us an email or just tweet @COPRIX.

Thank You for Your time.

Vladimir Kopric
COPRIX media

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Regional Awards have been awarded to our first users-image

Regional Awards have been awarded to our first users

One of our first users, primary school teacher Gordana Rackov, has been awarded a prestigious award “Dr. Djordje Natosevic”.

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Treasure map

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Nikola Milinkovic lecture in ICT Hub-image

Nikola Milinkovic lecture in ICT Hub

Nikola Milinkovic has presented the strenghts of Unity3D in EdTech, and how EdTech differs from Edutainment.

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